Shower Massage

This treatment begins in shower together with me (it takes in average of 10 minutes) to warm up and shake off the chill. Warm water will wash off the fatigue of your daily routine, fragrant shower gels will awaken your sensitivity, my gentle touches on your body will relax you and prepare your body for unforgettable sensual enjoyment.
Your adventure will be continued in comfy bed of an extensive body massage. My dexterous and delicate hands will relax all the tired muscles of your body and liberate sexual energy .

Body-to-body Massage

After a full body Thai oil massage you will be ready for parts of an unforgettable moment of the program which is a 10 incredible minutes of
Body-to-body massage .This is an erotic massage during which you have a full body stimulation by my beautiful body . One of the most enjoyable sensual massages I offer to you .
My softness naked body gently moving over your naked body with a rhythm of romantic music .
My silky skin slowly glides over your back, arms, shoulders and legs . I will not disregard a single centimeter of your body , from top to toe including the privy parts will be gently touch with sweet moments of pleasure.
This treatment is very intimate, as the two bodies are close to each other , covered with massage oil, in a pleasant semi-darkness in the sensual movement of my body…

Just relax and let me show all my skills and every single part of your body will feel ultimate relaxation together with energizing excite

Lingam massage

A lingam massage is a type of tantric massage that primarily focuses specifically the penis, testicles, perineum, and the outside of the anus.

The goal is to almost bring a man to orgasm, but slow down at the last moment and not allow ejaculation.

To enhance the sensations, it is recommended to caress not only the penis, but also the perineum, testicles and even the male G-spot – the prostate.

In a hot tandem with hands in a massage breast will participate as a good assistant for your pleasureIt is assumed that if a man is completely immersed in his feelings, then the procedure will turn for him into waves of numerous orgasms rolling one after another. And the final one, when the ejaculation does occur, will be more intense and prolonged than during normal intercourse.
In addition, lingam massage will teach you to feel your own body better, control sexual desires, and control ejaculation. That is, with proper practice, multiple orgasms can be obtained during normal sex.

Tantric prostate massage

Erotic relaxation of the prostate will increase the sensitivity of the penis.
The session lasts about 10 minutes, since there is no point in doing it longer : the orgasm will not “wait” for a long time.

There are two positions for massage : lying on the stomach and lying on the back, you chose what you prefer

At the very beginning of anal stimulation, I carry out small preparatory actions : lubrication and my hands should be very warm, I bring you into a relaxed state I make a relaxing massage of you buttocks I do a lingame massage and slowly I plunge my finger and find your magical point of satisfaction and continue to move my finger inside until you are fully satisfied.

Tantric prostate massage techniques inspire new sexual energy and can lead to multiple ejaculations.

Romantic Date

If you tired of the daily routine or work, looking for adventure and new experiences in Paris, or just want to spend some time enjoying the company of a beautiful lady, I can offer you a date with me.

This service is very intimate, like a girlfriend experience, because only you and me enjoy intimate conversations, gentle touches and the romantic atmosphere of take a cruise on the Seine , go together to a restaurant of your choice and finish a day in your hotel room with a 2 hours of an amazing erotical and sensual massage

Thai oil relaxing massage

The Thai oil massage involves deep, firm and soft pressure and rolling and stretching movements using palms, thumbs, elbows and knees and the application of aromatic oils. This is very gentle technique where you skin blood circulation , relaxes the body and calms the mind you , due to the pleasant aroma substances.Thai massage is considered yoga massage however , it will not be difficult for you, since the yoga poses do not require special training. During a Thai massage, I will use light pressure and stretching techniques to relax your body. I can do it gently or more intensely, depending on your desire. And remember that a Beautiful women have a way of creating the best experience with your massage.

My goal is to help you relax and have a new adventure at the same time